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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Ground Vehicles are Vehicles that don’t travel above a single kilometer from a structure. If you want to take one into space, you’ll need a dropship.

The Siege Tank[edit | edit source]

The Siege Tank is possibly one of the most powerful anti-ground vehicles the Imperium has at its disposal. This tank uses classical treads rather than hover-pads, however it has the powerful ability to anchor itself into the ground and fire at an increased range. The Siege Tank is classified as a defensive vehicle, so it will need support if it were to be used for hard-pushes into enemy territory. As the cannon is so large, its firing arc is limited to 20 degrees or more - it is impossible for it to ward off enemies that are close-by in siege mode.

Mark XII Tungsten Rail Cannon

The Mark XII has two modes - Rail mode, and Cannon mode. In rail mode, it fires at an increased range but with a limited firing arc. The cannon splits into two sides to make way for a tungsten rail producer, in which liquid tungsten is compressed and melted into a semi-solid, and then fired through the rail at Mach 5 speeds. This rail limits the firing range so maximum controlled splash damage is achieved. The force outputted by firing in rail mode is so much that the siege tank must root itself before firing. Out rail mode, it turns into a cannon which still fires liquid tungsten, but at a lesser speed. Muzzle velocity is greatly decreased, however this means that the tank can fire slightly faster.

Rail mode - 100 Damage, 50-10 Splash Damage (5 Studs), One shot per 8 Seconds

Cannon mode - 20 Damage, 10 Splash Damage (1 Stud), One shot per 1 Second

Framing Components

The Siege Tank is made from Six large neosteel shells. Each track hangar requires one cell of neosteel, and the cap of the Siege tank is made from another, and the final body uses the last. Utilizing larger shells enables denting instead of cracking or breaking. Smaller pieces are easier to replace, however larger shells can take much more of a beating. Each track hangar is run through a temperature stabilizer, making the tracks of the siege tank slightly warm to the touch. In cold or hot weather, the tracks change temperature to ensure that overheating never happens, and the gears of the tank cannot freeze up. Upgrades Bunker Missiles - Tungsten rails are replaced with slim tungsten missiles, which accelerate twice as fast on the way back down to the ground. Shrapnel is removed, however the main target damage is increased by 50%.

Overcharged Engine - The basic BV2048 fission drive can be replaced with a much more hydrogen-rich super engine that is shown to be able to increase speed while unsigned up to 25%.

Thinner Plasma Shells - The Tungsten rails used to create tank shots are surrounded by thick layers of pure plasma. To thin these shells, we use an internal engine which burns the tungsten before it is super-heated. The char lay is thin and will fly off before exiting the tank rails. This effectively allows the area damage of the Siege Tank in siege mode to increase by meters.

+3 Studs (AOE Splash)


The Siege Tank originated from the original blast tank found in original Unite Earth Shuttles on their way to the Tycho Sector. The original tank featured the same duel-barrels, however it used traditional tank shells and could not Siege up. The original technology is far, far outdated.

One of the first siege tank pilots, Sergeant Matthew J. “Wacko,” installed a sophisticated subwoofer audio system to his siege tank. Due to this, Matthew failed to hear his commanding officer’s orders to retreat, and was hit by napalm; ending his life.

Goliath Walker[edit | edit source]

The Goliath is not known to be the most all-terrain vehicle, however it utilizes its missile stocks and large legs to dominate opponents in the air or on the ground. It is lightly armored, and widely deployed as one of the most all-purpose vehicles the Imperium has. It is often seen supporting Heavy Troops such as Cerberus or Prometheus.

V-283 Twin Gatling Guns

The Goliath’s primary ground weapon is its twin gatling guns. They fire in strong bursts which dominate enemy mechanical units and armor, however it is weak against smaller, faster, and lighter foot soldiers. The gatling gun fires small laser bolts using superheated plasma rods which are produced in the back compartment of the Goliath.

(Ground only) 10 Damage (+10 v. Armored), Four shots per 3 Seconds

Class 9 Hydraulic Skeleton

The Goliath uses a hydraulic skeleton which is powered by supercooled liquid neon. To ensure that these hydraulics function, a gravity field generator is put directly about each hydraulic arm. The gravity field allows the atoms of the neon to cese vibration, thus removing nearly all heat from the component. Leg hydraulics have been measured to pull a force of 9,000 psi. BB7 Reload after 18 shots (9 rounds), 10 seconds. BB7 Reload after 18 shots (9 rounds), 10 seconds. Easy to repair


Hellfire Missiles - Missiles shells are made out of ultra-light carbon nanofiber, which allows missiles to travel twice as fast, and with a greater payload. This adds a 50% increase in the damage dealt by the stock BB7.

Neosteel Armor - Neosteel armor chunks can be forged which has slots and crevices that allow Goliaths to remain mobile, while also holding reinforced armor on parts such as its legs. This adds an estimated 750 extra health to the mech.

Penetrator Class Rail Gatling Guns - By replacing the plasma bolts with tungsten rails which super-combust after exiting the gatling gun, damage versus ground can increase by 100% or more.


The Goliath was also a modified version of a United Earth vehicle. It was originally a fast assault walker with weak armor, but heavy weaponry. Some Goliaths even used miniature nuclear weapons. A controversial, but effective tactic.Captain Mark B. John was an award-winning Goliath Pilot who has thousands of confirmed air and ground kills. After his 30 years of service, he died in combat after he refused to let a Mechanic repair “His baby” (Referring to the Goliath). armed ground craft. It is mostly used during skirmishes. The Vulture uses hoverpads to levitate, and large rockets at the back to move fast.

77HWBG (Hybrid Wave Bullet Gun)

The 77HWBG is one of the highest damaging weapons for its size. It fires small laser-charged missiles which use light waves to accelerate it. The “Bullets” have the ability to follow their target, if in a high-speed chase. Although tested in space, the HWBG is not functional in vacuums. The launchers of the Vulture for the HWBG are interchangeable, making repair speeds wildly fast. The 77HWBG utilizes a beam focuser similar to those of plasma missiles.

(Ground only) 15 Damage, 5 Splash Damage (2 Studs), two shots per 4 seconds

Frame Components

The Vulture is possibly one of the weakest, least-armored vehicles the imperium has - but it makes up for it in speed. The Vulture model is prone to randomly combusting, and thus a security system must be added in order for the pilot’s safety to be ensured. This safety sadly causes the vehicle’s motors and hoverpads to lock up. As the pilot is exposed, it is easy to kill a Vulture pilot without armor.

200 Health

Easy to Repair

Infinite Ammo

Spider Mines The Vulture also has the capability to launch Spider Mines, miniature landmines which burrow themselves in the ground. When enemies are detected near to it, the mine will swiftly fly out of the ground and into the target, causing massive area damage. Vultures have a limited amount of spider mines which can only be recharged after a lot of time. They work by charging highly-combustible pneumatic liquids into small burrowing robots which includes an advanced trigger and targeting AI. When burrowed, they are invisible, however they are visible with a red light when spotted. This is to ensure armored OMI soldiers can be aware there are mines there. 100 Damage over 3 Studs, 25 over 6 Studs

Stock of 8

Reload 1 ever ten minutes


The Vulture is the most easily recognisable technology in the imperium, as the public has depicted it in movies, books, and hologram shows. One such example, is the popular movie series surrounding the spider mines the Vultures releases, in which the Spider Mines turn on the humans of a core-world. The first movie was “Spider Mines,” and the series ended with “Spider Mines IV: Death from below”. The holomovie series grossed over two million credits, and was started by James Nguyen on top. Soldiers may fire from inside, however it is not recommended due to the poor accuracy of most soldiers while moving.

88MM Sentry Turret

The 88MM Sentry Turret is a standard model, automated with advanced targeting AI. It is mounted on top of the C12, and provides moderate damage, and coving fire while soldiers exit or enter the C12. It fires standard point-lasers in full auto, and has minimal spread. Accuracy is still being tested, as there are records of the turret failing to things that it shouldn’t be failing against.

5 Damage every 0.1 Seconds, 0 stud spread, 4 stud accuracy.

Neosteel Armor The Armored Transport is, well, armored. The craft has a solid 30 centimeters of Neosteel followed by kinetic insulators and nano-fiber at its weakest point. This burdens the vehicle greatly, but makes it nearly as strong as most Corvet-class starships. 2000 Health

Hard to Repair

Infinite Ammo

Seating and Internal Components

Seating within the transport is as comfortable as possible, with kinetic foam crash-couches, and security measures to hold people in their seats when needed. The craft also contains a plasma shield which will hold standard atmospheric pressure within the cabin. The Pilot and Co-Pilot room contains crash couches, and an array of steering and controls. The C12 also has an advanced piloting AI for cruise mode.


Dual Pentiton Cannon Turrets - The Sentry Turret on top is replaced with two Cannon turrets, which deal 200% regular damage, however fires in slower semi-automatic fire.

Targeting Rails - Internal targeting rails can be used to lock onto enemies and then follow them across the battlefield from within the transport. Minor manual adjustments will be required for accurate shots.

No major variants have been spotted on the battlefield, as the newer transports have never been captured or analyzed in the battlefield by any organization.

An Armored Transport was stolen by the Terronian Dominion, however a successful  ███████████ █████ infiltration has resulted in the destruction of the transport. No one was killed in the operation, however a Terronian Citizen encountered ███████████ █████ operatives and asked, “Are ya’ll the watermen? Back in my day, they had men on the streets givin’ out water to dem’ young folk...” The Citizen was ignored.

The B-889-442 has an arment of two micromachine guns, capable of shredding through both light and armored foes alike. It charges up a battery laser, which is powered by the fusion-light transformer also powering its hover capabilities. This battery laser spins, increasing inertial damage, but increasing spread. The laser emitted burns at a temperature of 2300 degrees Celsius at the nozzle, however it cools down once it hits its target.

Microsteel Armor

Although like the Vulture, the pilot is unarmored, the vehicle possesses heavy armor surrounding the fusion drive and other vehicular components. This armor is made out of carbon-fiber engraved neosteel, making the vehicle nearly indestructible. The pilot is very weak, however, and is easy to hit successfully; ultimately ending in the Flag Bike’s destruction.

E-Class Light-Fusion Drive

The Fusion drive of the Flag Bike is unique - it collects photons from the atmosphere and collides them together through a complicated magnetic process. The result is massive amounts of raw energy which is enough to power the Flag Bike for almost an infinite amount of time.

“Ever seen a  █████? No? Because they don’t exist. They never have and never will.”

~ ███████████ ███, █████ Head in an interview with a Mar Sara news network reporter, Sophia Tarman. Sophia disappeared two weeks later and hasn’t been seen since.

ERA7 Type 1 Solarium Battery[edit | edit source]

The Type 1 Solarium Battery is the world’s most powerful battery for its size.

ERA7 Type 2 Solarium Battery[edit | edit source]

ERA7 Type 3 Solarium Battery[edit | edit source]

ERA7 Type 10 Solarium Reactor[edit | edit source]

ERA7 Type 12 Solarium MicroReactor[edit | edit source]

Series 16 R14 Blast Assault Pistol[edit | edit source]

Series 16 R19 Tactical Pistol[edit | edit source]

Series 16 IKX-17 MK1 Flip Pistol[edit | edit source]

Series 16 IO-XB Auto Shotgun[edit | edit source]

Series 16 IO-MK7 Inertial Shotgun[edit | edit source]

Series 16 I-93 Micro SMG[edit | edit source]

Series 16 PNCR-18 SMG[edit | edit source]

Series 16 RK-MK18 Revolution Bolt Pistol[edit | edit source]

Series 16 LPK-7 LMG[edit | edit source]

Series 16 AV-10-MK3 Master LMG[edit | edit source]

Series 16 CC-12 AR[edit | edit source]

Series 16 MK159-5B AR[edit | edit source]

Series 16 ELC-X5 Master AR[edit | edit source]

Series 16 Ghost-7 Chain Rifle[edit | edit source]

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